Review:Beauty Blender Sponge

I was lucky to be given the opportunity by Beauty Dept to review 
The Original Beauty Blender, £16. 

Beauty Blender is the award winning revolutionary sponge make up applicator.
The Beauty Blender is used by make up professionals and enthusiasts around the world. 
The Beauty Blender was created on set in Hollywood by make up artist 
Rea Ann Silva. 

The soft elliptical shape makes application fast, flawless and foolproof. 
The Original Beauty Blender allows foundation, concealers, mineral and cream cosmetics 
to be easy blended and reach hard to reach areas with ease. 

To prepare for using make up application first of all you 
must drench the Beauty Blender using a squeezing motion under
water until it expands. 
Then you squeeze out any excess water and towel
dry leaving it damp and ready to use. 

To apply your make up you apply a small amount to the Beauty Blender 
and then stipple (bounce) the Beauty Blender softly against your skin to blend
and create a seamless skin texture. 

I am extremely impressed with the Beauty Blender its 
so easy to use and my foundation was applied much more faster
than when I apply using my fingers saving me time. 

One of the first things you notice when you wet the Beauty Blender is that it nearly double's in size. 
It's then also very flexible and easy to bounce. 

Once you have got use to it using the Beauty Blender it's a breeze. 

Have you used the Beauty Blender before? If not why not give it a go 
you will not regret it! 

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