What I am taking in my handbag (weekend away)

 As I am away soon here are some my essentials 
which I will be popping into my handbag. 

Magazines I am taking these three plus the new glamour magazine
with me. 

As we will be caravanning I don't know how often I will 
be able to wash my hair over the weekend I have popped
in my bag some batiste dry shampoo. 

Am not really sure I will need my kindle with the amount of
magazine's i'm taking but I have popped it in my bag 
just incase. 

My make up bag is also in my handbag for
we stop off at any service stations on the way. 

Last of all I am taking some Sour Lemon Drops
with me this is because I suffer from travel sickness on long
journeys and these do tend to stop me from 
feeling as ill. 

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