What's in my make up bag (weekend away)

I'm going to be away for a couple of days with Stuart and the In-Laws. 
So I have decided to show you what I have packed in my make up bag 
ready to go. I chose only a few bits since we are only away for a few days.

1. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Light Porcelain. 
2. A small body lotion sample I nabbed from a hotel I stayed at in June
3.  Perfume from Aldi 
4. Smooth lipstick in skinny dipping
5. W7 Show stopper mascara 
6. Hair bands
7. Natural Collection Eye shadow in Fine Silver
8. Strawberry lip balm from Wilkinsons 
10. Butterfly patterned eye shadow brush 
11. The make up bag it's self is from H&M which I won on a blog competition. 

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