Review: Aldi Halloween Special Buys

October is here and soon Halloween will be here. 
For many people buying a costume can be a bit of a chore
especially  if you have little ones. 

I've not actually dressed for Halloween for quite a few years now.
But me and the hubby like to spend Halloween eating a takeaway and
watching horror movies. 

But this year I want to have a little fun with Halloween and wear this 
witches hat to get  me into the spirit of Halloween. 

The witches hat retails at £1.99 and I love the silver
web pattern on this hat. 
When I dressed up for Halloween as a child I was always a witch.
My mum would dress me and my sister up in the following:

-a little witches hat that had some funky coloured hair inside

-a witches mask which to be fair was rather uncomfortable 

-Black bin bags to make a dress and cloak to go over our clothes

- A broom stick 

- One year we even had a little cauldron and some witches fingers. 

Aldi also sent me some glow sticks that will be fun to use while sat 
in the dark watching the films this year. £1.99 .

The great thing about these glow sticks is that they are suitable for both
children and adults. 

Last of all I was sent this lovely vampire costume, £7.99. 
unfortunately the size they sent me doesn't fit. 
 However it does look rather pretty with the black and the red.
I think I would make a great kick ass vampire in this outfit. 

Aldi also sell a range of costume's for children at £3.99 each
 and are ideal for your little monsters to be able to dress up in! 

The costumes are bold, bright and full of detail so will make you stand out this Halloween! 

So if your going to be dressing up this year, than I would check out Aldi for
fab detailed costumes and accessories. 

They are sure to run out quick so if I was you I'd dash to your nearest store asap.
All of Aldi's Halloween special buys will be on sale from tomorrow (October 3rd 2013) 

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