Review: Bakerdays Christmas Cake

Bakerdays  recently sent me a one of their 
Christmas cakes to show you. 
You can read my review here of there chocolate valentines cake. 

I love Christmas and can't believe its only 2 pay-days away already 
this year has gone extremely fast for me. 

Now Bakerdays let me choose which design I wanted from their 
32 different designs, so choosing one was pretty tough going
as they all look extremely lovely. 

When my letterbox cake arrived I was excited to see how
it had turned out as I loved how my last one looked and tasted. 

It arrived in it's usual box and tin but with a little Christmas card
and a cracker this time. 

As you can see I chose to go with the cute penguin design. 
The fruit cake its self had plenty of fruit and was moist 
and crumbly and certainly one of my favourite Christmas 
cakes I have eaten to date. 
The icing was perfectly sweet and not sickly 
and the marzipan was lovely too. 

- Loads of different designs
- Great price £14.99 for the letter box cake
- Very fruity, crumbly and moist
-  not overly sweet or sickly
- can be personalised
- makes a lovely little gift


None I can think of this cake is overall very yummy indeed. 


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