Christmas Prep 2013

Christmas is fast approaching with under 7 weeks to go.
I say the same every year where has the time gone?! 

So here is my Christmas Prep for 2013 and on how we have managed to keep 
a budget and stick to it! 

 This year we are buying for : 
- My Mum 
- My Nan
- My Grandma
- My Sister 
- Stuart's Mum 
- Stuart's Mum's partner
- Stuart's Dad
- Our two nephews Finn and Micah 
- and the two people we were given with our families round robin
who are my Sister in Law and Stuart's Sister in Law. 
Which totals to £120 

For each other we are spending for £40 each this year rather than £50 
which makes our Christmas Budget this year 
= £200

For cards, wrapping paper, gift labels and decorations 
we have a budget of £1

We also have quite a few birthdays so close to Christmas 
- My Nan's
- My Father In Laws
- My Sisters 

How we have made it cheaper this year! 
- I have won a few items which have come in useful for gifts for my Mum and Grandma
- I received a £50 Amazon giftcard which has helped a lot
- I shopped in Primark for my Sister in law and Nan so saved £s on some lovely items
- I found a rucksack in Aldi for £5 rather than spending £12 for one on Amazon as a gift 
for my hubby.
- We've not needed to buy any labels this year but have got a pack of 50 Christmas Cards
in Card Factory for £1.99. 
- For wrapping paper we have got some from Primark for £2 for 2 roles which should last us.
- The only decorations we will probably get this year is a poinsettia for the window
sill but to be honest we may not even bother to save us a couple of £s or so. 

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