Review: OXO 8 Cup French Press

If your a lover of Coffee or know someone who loves their coffee,
than this Christmas why not buy them the OXO 8 Cup French Press?!

If you are a perfectionist when it comes to having the best cup of coffee
than this is right up your street! 

The OXO 8 Cup French Press, £35 is easy to use and comes
with a innovative ladle that catches brewed coffee grounds and removes
them in one easy step! 

The French Press is made of sturdy stainless steel containing a traditional glass
carafe to ensure pure brewing. 

The handle has non slip grip to make brewing and pouring easy.
To brew, insert the silicone ladle into the carafe and then add coarsely ground coffee and hot water using convenient measurement markings for desired quantity.

- Easy to use
- Sturdy 
- Non Slip Grip
-  Makes fab tasty coffee
- Easy to wash 
- Is BPA free
- Convenient measuring marks

- Price £35 is a bit steep price 

The OXO French press is easy to use and is worth the money if your not really on
a tight budget. It make a lovely smooth tasting coffee and makes an ideal gift. 

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