The Big Tights Company

I love wearing dresses and skirts at the moment and mainly been wearing them
with leggings as I have always had issues with tights fitting me. 
For me tights are a nightmare no matter what size I would buy from 
most shops I would find them to be too tight and then end up
laddering them. 

I was going out with some friends from my local Slimming World group 
on Friday and really wanted to wear tights with my dress I was going to wear. 

As the night out was planned in advance I contacted The Big Tights Company.
I knew that I wanted a pair of black tights as it would go well with my dress 
and also some of my other dresses and skirts that I have in my wardrobe. 

I was sent three different sorts of black tights from their ranges 
and I am really impressed! 
The tights fit perfectly and I lasted the night without them ripping.
They also were very comfortable so I would recommend if your struggling
to find tights that fit, are comfortable and don't rip easily to head 
over to their website. 

I am also planning to wear them over Christmas too which I can't wait only 3 days to go! 

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