Baking with Sugar and Crumbs

If you read my 2014 goals post last week you would know that one of 
my goals is to bake more this year. 

I recently received some lovely range of natural icing sugar and cocoa powders 
from the company Sugar and Crumbs

I was sent the following: 
- Chocolate Cherry Coca Powder
- Coconut icing 
- White Chocolate icing
- White Chocolate and Raspberry icing.  

The pack I was sent also contained tried and tested recipes including how to use
the icing to make butter-cream. 

As you can see the packaging is very pink and although pink is one of my favourite colours
I feel that it made the whole range of Sugar and Crumbs packaging look as if it was
aimed mainly at women. 
Which I'm not a fan of.

So I decided to whip up a cake yesterday evening using a traditional sponge cake recipe. 
I then went on to trying out the White Chocolate and Raspberry flavoured icing to make 
up butter-cream as directed. 
As recommended if you don't like a strong flavour use half of the flavoured icing sugar 
and half of your usual plain icing sugar. 
I was rather excited as I do love White Chocolate and Raspberry in general
and I also decided to add some red colouring to make it a lovely pale pink colour
since we had some in. 

Once my cake was completed and ready for eating me and Stuart tucked into a slice.
We both thought the same thing with this that it was just too sweet and overpowering
even though we used half of the recommend amount of flavoured icing. 
So if you are to choose the White Chocolate and Raspberry flavoured icing you
may want to change the quantity slightly and use less of the flavoured icing 
so that its not too sweet and sickly tasting.

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