Ways to celebrate your Anniversary

On February 4th 2014 me and Stuart will have been married for two wonderful years. 
We married in a local church and then had a reception at a hall not too far away. 
We had a 4 o clock wedding, with approx 50 friends and family members and 
then a lovely meal and then the snow decided to come making
people leave before the evening had really begun. 
Still we had a wonderful day as it was about us making our vows and
spending the rest of our life together. 

I have decided to compile a list of ideas for celebrating your anniversary 
whether you have been together 1 year or for 50 years. 

1. Write an anniversary letter 
this year I am going to give my hubby a personal letter 

2. Bake an anniversary cake together
I love this idea we can have this as dessert instead of having one when we have a meal out

3. Have a meal out at your favourite restaurant and dress up 
of course the frugal bit of this would be that you order a starter and a main
or just a main to save you £'s and still have a good time. 

4. Have a 2 meals for £x meal deal thing
We will most likely do this for valentines this year however it's a fab
idea if you want to save more £'s instead of going out. 
Most supermarkets do these deals in the past we have got them 
from Tesco, Morrison, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose.

5. Do joint gifts
This year for cotton we are doing a joint gift which after
our anniversary I'll show you.

6. Enjoy a lovely breakfast together 
Make something that you don't normally have that often 
such as scrambled eggs and salmon or pancakes. 

7. Go out for coffee and cake
If your a fan of Costa or Starbucks why not enjoy a mid morning or afternoon
coffee and cake. 

8. Go for an evening walk and watch the sunset
I love the idea of going to a lake we have in our area for a walk and seeing the sun setting.

9. Recreate your first date

10. Play your first dance song

11. Go through your wedding album together

12. Have an annual wedding anniversary photo of you both 

13. If you can afford to go away for the week/weekend or evening just for the night

14. Go and see a show at the theatre 

I hope you like my ideas if you can think of anymore I would love to know :)

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