The Dogs doodahs Anniversary Card

 As I've said before near the beginning of February is mine and Stuart's second wedding anniversary.
Now The Dogs Doodahs kindly offered to let me have a card to show you.

The Dogs Doodahs is a company that let you personalise cards
for all occasions. 
They also do personalised mugs, notebooks, aprons and balloons.

I'm sure most people love giving/receiving personalised gifts and cards
as it makes it feel more personal and that effort has been put in. 

I really did struggle with choosing which card to get Stuart for our anniversary as you 
are spoilt for choice. 
There were romantic ones and humorous one's  and I love a bit of romance
and my husband is our family's comedian as he is always cracking jokes. 
In the end I settled for the sentimental poem for my wonderful husband.
The standard card is £3.50 and the large card is £5.95. 
I was given a voucher for the standard one which I was more than happy with. 
When it comes to personalising the card I was able to put Stuart's name on the front.
With most cards you can do this and some cards allow you to add photo's to the front too. 

When you go on to choose what you would like in side the card on the left
you have an option of choosing photo's or text so I chose to use two
of our wedding photos and then wrote my own little poem on the right hand

Have you used The Dogs Doodahs before? They have such lovely designs. 

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