Martha Hill Products

I was recently sent some products by Beauty Naturals which are brand new to the 
range of products that they sell.

The two products I was sent were from the Martha Hill range.

First up is the Martha Hill Soothing Skin Relief, £11.50 for a 50ml jar. 
The product is an ultra light and absorbent cream with meadowsweet and tarvine   
which is clinically proven to relive redness, refine pores, soothe and clam. 

Then we have the Martha Hill Intensive nail and cuticle cream, £5.60 for a 30ml jar. 
A rich cocktail of nourishing and moisturising oils combined to create an ultimate nail treatment. 
The cream contains oils which help to prevent cracking and splitting of the nails and oils to
help moisturise and promote nail growth. 

The products are a fab addition to the Martha Hill range. 

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