Alibi Health Drinks

You probably know by now in the last year or so I have been loosing weight
and trying to feel more healthy and tone up too. 
I have been more careful about what I put in my body as I have noticed how awful I feel
if I have haven't been as good as I can be. 
You know the feeling bloated and just in generally yucky. 
I even had a moment  last year when I went out to an all you can eat Chinese buffet 
with family and ended up eating way too much. Which then made me ill the next day. 

I don't normally take vitamin supplements but recently I have been feeling tired an awful lot . 
I think that maybe due to after Christmas I was in a food comer haze and didn't stick to
my diet as well as I could have done,which meant I lost less than I did last year by this point. 
But I am back on the weightloss bandwagon and lost 3lb last week. 
 I also think that because I have felt really depressed within the last few weeks that  hasn't
been entirely helpful. 

I was sent some lovely pre-detox drinks last week to which I was happy to try out
as right now I really need to feel the energy and motivation to sick at the slimming world plan.

 So Alibi is a sparking and fruity health drink that is packed with 20 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts. Alibi replenishes, hydrates and supports your bodies natural defences. 
which comes in two wonderful flavours citrus and pomegranate and I believe
they are coming out with a new flavour if it isn't out already blueberry.

I was surprised by the taste of these drinks as I was expecting them to be rather sweet,
however they are pleasant tasting fruity fizzy drinks. 
I have been sipping on two cans a day over the last week and have noticed 
that I feel more energised and don't need as much caffeine. 
I think I am going to have a break from them for now and keep some aside now that 
I am feeling better with my diet and fitness at the moment.
 I am sure these are going to come in handy when I have days of feeling not myself 
and need a little pick me up to get me through the day.

Have you ever considered these kind of drinks?

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