Gift Ideas for Men

Every women knows that men are overall extremely hard to buy for. 
There is always an occasion when you have to buy for a bloke and you
don't have a clue what to get. 
So I have complied a list of things my hubby likes to give you a few ideas
for the man in your life when an occasion arises. 

First up is a gift for the man who likes to take care of himself. 
for £28.00 from Will and Glory you can get the
 Quintessentially English - Buff Men's Gift Box. 
which contains soap, shower gel and moisturiser. 

Men love watches this is the  one that I brought Stuart as a birthday gift a few years ago. 
The great thing about watches is that you can find one for every budget.
So if you don't have much to spend  or can afford to splurge than a watch is the ideal gift.

For our first anniversary I brought Stuart a Papercut wedged between two
pieces of glass. Stuart loved the thought and the personalised idea
you can find many companies that do them in a range of designs 
that you feel would be suitable. 

A Tetris lamp, Stuart loves this lamp as you can change the way 
shapes slot into each other but also as its very 80's and he is a big fan of that. 

But one of the main things that Stuart loves his games consoles he has huge collection of consoles and 
games. So if your man is a lover of consoles and games you need to check out Gioteck they  offer the 
most innovative gaming peripherals to help improve gaming experience. 
They are a leading retailer for PS3, Xbox and PC accessories.
Providing you with durable and  reliable accessories packed with the latest technology allowing you to truly immerse yourself in games, across all platforms.

Whilst at the moment their aren't many options for the new generation of consoles yet 
they offer PS3 controllers and hopefully releasing PS4 headsets and  controllers in the future. 

A PS3 controller would be an ideal gift because there are many to choose from with 
different functions and the man in your life can enjoy the games he loves. 

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