How to... Perfect Pancakes with OXO

I love pancakes, however I don't make them often enough. 
After all pancakes can be eaten any time during the year not just pancake day. 

When OXO sent over their flip and fold omelette and pancake turner 
I chose it as an opportunity to make up some lovely
pancakes slimming world style. 

 The recipe is easy and can be found here they are really delicious and much more
healthier alternative to usual pancakes and you can still add any topping you fancy.  

As you can see  below I chose to have strawberries with my pancakes. 
But there are so many different toppings for you to choose from sweet or savoury. 

As for the flip and fold turner its the ideal shape and size to make the perfect omelette or pancakes.
The turner is easy to use and is flexible enough to allow you to easily glide under the pancakes/omelette.
The handle is comfortable with a non slip grip meaning you can flip/fold easily. 

What toppings do you love to have on your pancakes? 

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