Slimming World Super Speed Soup

On Thursday at my local Slimming World group
one of the ladies mentioned that she was going to make a batch of 
Super Speed Soup. 
I hadn't actually heard of it before so I asked for the recipe over on my 
groups Facebook page. 

The great thing is that it is so simple and easy to do.

The recipe is free on Extra Easy and Green days.
You will need a very large saucepan or two pans are needed as it makes a lot. 

 1 can of mixed bean salad
1 can of green lentils
2 cans of chopped tomato's
1 can of baked beans
handful of split lentils
2 large leeks
1 large onion 
4 medium carrots
2 parsnips 
green, red and yellow peppers
2 stock cubes
salt and pepper
mixed herbs
water (enough to cover) 

Chop and put all ingredients into a large pan 
cover and bring to boil and simmer until soft
can be left chunky or blended.

We chose to do ours in the slow cooker. 

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