Klorane Nettle Shampoo and some cleansers

The people at Escentual sent me some shampoo to review as
well as some cleansers and samples. 

Klorane Nettle Shampoo
This Shampoo is suitable for oily hair. 
I have fine hair which is prone to getting very oily quickly. 
Hypoallergenic and extremely mild, 
the Nettle Shampoo enhances volume and detangles for soft and bouncy hair that lasts. 
After sustained use, oil secretion is regularised, enabling you to wash your hair less frequently.

I have been very impressed with the shampoo after using it for a week now
I have noticed that my hair is no where near as greasy and uncomfortable as
it normally is. 
 I have also noticed that my hair also has a little more volume too which is 
noticeable when styling and more easy to brush too. 

I normally wash my hair everyday due to my hair feeling oily and making me uncomfortable.
I am now washing my hair every day still but I am sure that after a while I will get away with 
washing my hair every 2 days. 

Now onto the cleansers the first one is Avene cream cleanser
I normally use cream cleansers these days as they make my skin feel smooth and
soft after use without needing to use moisturiser before bed which is a bonus. 

The other cleanser is the popular Bioderma I did a little scream and a dance when
I opened my package and found this as I have wanted to try Bioderma for a while now. 
I love it and think I am going to be converted to using this type of cleaner in the future. 
My skin felt so fresh and clean as a daisy after use. 

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