A lovely Sunny Sunday

Yesterday we had lovely weather the sun was shining and it was
lovely and warm. Unfortunately today seems to be more colder again.
We don't have a garden but since it was such lovely weather we wanted to 
spend as much time outside as possible. 

So after we had been to Tesco to buy some bits to make
 a home-made quiche ( recipe will be up tomorrow). 

We headed out to a local pub called The Lancer to have a bite to eat.
I chose to go for Hunters Chicken but swapped the chips for extra salad and
sipped on diet coke and vodka. Stuart chose to go for Fish and chips and a pint of
pear cider. We then decided to be naughty and go for dessert I chose
Raspberry Blondie which is white chocolate mousse topped with raspberries on a biscuit base.
 Stuart chose Cookie Cup explosion a cookie cup filled with brownie, marshmallow
and chocolate honeycomb. Both of the puddings had vanilla ice-cream on the side. 

We then headed out for a walk to one of the local parks where we love to go and just sit and
have a good chat.

Then we went home to make quiche and watch the Voice (well I did). 
Once I saw the sun setting in the sky I chose to pop out
to get a lovely photo and practise my photography skills on my new camera. 

What did you get up to on Sunday? 

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