Spring Has Sprung

I love spring for many reasons one being that the weather is much more
nicer and also because it means that summer is not so 
far away. 

At the weekend we went for a walk around the little 
lake in our area called Tiddenfoot water park. 

We had a lovely stroll around the lake before sitting on the bench 
and taking in this beautiful view. 

It really takes your breath away, I not been for a walk there for quite a
while and I really don't know why.
I will be certainly making the trip there a lot more often this year
as it really is so peaceful. 

We even got to see this lovely little frog who hopped out from under where I was sitting.

This weekend I also noticed that our daffodils that we have sitting on the window sill 
in the hall way have come out and are all in bloom. 

By the way do you like our makeshift vase? made from 
an empty sweet tub, we just took the label off and is perfect 
for our daffodils to go in! 

Would you like to comment?

clairew137 said...

It's nice to see spring

Unknown said...

I do love daffodils - such bright cheerful flowers!

Anonymous said...

I love daffodils! I'm desperately searching for some fake ones, I cant afford a new bunch every time they die! Your vase is very clever! In the photo it looks like a posh one from somewhere like Next. Look in charity shops, they've always got loads of nice vases.
Kim Newsome kimnews@hotmail.co.uk