My Weight loss Essentials

 When it came to weight loss there are a few things that I have found to be essential 
to have. 


When it comes to loosing a lot of weight most people will buy new clothes
for each size they drop down to. I however tried to make as much use
out of the clothes I have had only been shopping are rare few times for new clothes that fit. 

- A good pair of leggings is essential to me as you can still wear them when they are slightly too
big,unlike jeans. So I literally live in them at the moment until I hit target 
and can start wearing jeans as well again.

- A bra that fits I normally buy ones from M&S at £16 but when loosing weight
I found I was going down in size constantly so I ended up buying cheaper ones for now. 
I brought a good one from Peacocks for £5 just the other day. 

- When it comes to tops I layer them when I can to keep warm I also 
buy smaller sizes as I know that I will get into them quite soon.


I've never liked the idea of paying out to go to gym as its so pricey.
Their are however cheaper ways to keep fit and tone up and products to help too. 

- Games and DVDs 
I currently love playing on Zumba 2 and Zumba core and really want to get the
new one that was released last year and the Zumba dvd set.
I also use a dvd that aims to tone your abs I do however have my eye on
Davina's new dvd for 2014.

- Slender Tone
Ok so its not entirely essential but I won this last year over on facebook
and I use it often and I feel that my stomach muscles are getting stronger but 
this maybe down to the ab exercises I do.
I tend to wear this while I am doing the chores or just relaxing with a book. 

- A good sports bra really helps for giving you support whilst exercising
I find this essential as it stops the bounce so you can feel confortable
and you have no wires digging in too.  


- Mugshots which are packets of pasta that you just put in a mug and add hot water too
they have been a life saver on days you don't want to bother cooking too much for lunch. 

- Brita Filter bottle
This has made me drink a lot more water than I use to and is very handy to pop in your bag. 

- Beanies Flavoured coffee
I love coffee and its nice to have a flavoured coffee and its saved me £s in both terms
of the word as they are free on the slimming world plan.

- Diet/low calorie drinks 
I love diet coke its my favourite drink and I love that I can drink fizzy
as long as its diet or low calorie. 

What are weight loss essentials? 

Would you like to comment?