Asda Easter Home Items

I use to love Easter as a Child and remember one of my favourite Easter eggs 
was a large white chocolate egg that was made to look like Humpty Dumpty. 
I am a huge fan of white chocolate even to this day but now I am older
I rarely get an Easter egg any more this is totally out of choice though 
even more so since being on slimming world. 

I do however still love to have a hot cross bun but they are also 
high in syns so this year I am going to attempt the slimming world friendly 
chocolate hot cross buns as my Easter treat. 

So these cute Easter napkins are going to come in useful for when me and Stuart are having our little Easter treat.
I love the cute bunny print on one side and then as you can see in photo below we have
a colourful side filled with images of Easter eggs and a little sheep and squirrel. 

I was also sent a lovely bunting to hang up in my home 
I'm thinking of having it up in the lounge near the window sill maybe. 
I love that the colours and pattern match perfectly with my bed covers and coasters. 

Will you be making any special Easter treats? 

Would you like to comment?