Asda Disney Easter Treats


Two weeks today and it will be Easter Sunday I will be enjoying 
Easter Sunday this year with Stuart and the in laws which means spending time with my 
little Nephews. 

As usual we will be buying them both a small Easter egg but you don't have
to stop there this Easter as Asda have come out with a range of Disney themed toys 
and dvds for both boys and girls. 

I was sent some of the range of boys items from their selection of Easter Disney themed 
gift ideas. 
We have a Spider Man figure and a Star Wars rocket which are suitable for children 4 years plus. 
I will most likely be taking them over to my in laws to see if my 4 year old nephew
would like them.

I was then also sent Monsters University on DVD which is the prequel to the original Monsters Inc.
Where the Monsters are at University to become the best scarer's. 
So if you are a child or a an adult who is young at heart and love the first Monsters Inc film then 
you will love this one. 

I love with this film how Disney chose to show us what went on before the first film,
how the 2 main characters became friends and learned their trade at Monsters Inc. 

I loved the film and I know that my sister in law is also a fan as she got this as a gift for
Christmas so certainly not just for the little ones in your family.

Have you and your children watched this prequel or have you 
watched it on your own? 

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  1. its a great film, my grandson loves it :-)

  2. Love anything Disney - we love the new monsters inc film!


  3. i get a dvd or book for my boys instead of eggs as they get too many, fab range at asda

  4. i was just at asda, i will have to go back an check these out!

  5. im getting my son a dvd instead

  6. We got the kids a dvd and a small egg each

  7. Would love to see the prequel I remember taking my nephew to the cinema to see Monsters inc but he's almost 15 now so I doubt he'd want to see this lol

  8. haven't seen the film, but I have no doubt its excellent, Disney are so good, can't wait to have grandchildren so I can watch Disney movies again!

  9. Oh, we'd love to see this!

  10. My children are absolute Disney fans! We have watched the film and my children loved it!

  11. Monster University is a hit in out house :)

    Natalie Gillham

  12. My grandchildren love this.

  13. My grandchildren will love this.

  14. Daughter loves Monsters University :)

  15. My children prefer dvd's & clothes easter :)

  16. It reminded me of Disney meets Harry Potter

  17. We all love Monsters University x

  18. My nephews love anything Disney so I will need to pop into Asda before going to visit them at Easter :)

  19. Yes we've seen the film, we really enjoyed it. :)

  20. Huge fans of Monsters Inc in this house, We dress as Mike and Sulley for Halloween ;) I loved this movie, the slug trying sooooo hard to get to class makes me laugh so much!