Beanies Yogart Starter Set

As part of my diet I eat a lot of yoghurt's as snacks throughout the day. 
At most I will go through 3 pots of Muller Lights in a day. 
Of course this costs a bit of money and I have wanted to have a go
at making my own yoghurt to help me save some money. 

When I was asked to review the Yogart starter bundle a new concept from Beanies the flavour company,  
I jumped at the chance at being able to give making my own yoghurt a go. 

You may have heard of Beanies on my blog before as they make the most lovely
syn free flavoured coffees which I am hooked on. 

The make your own yoghurt starter bundle from Beanies/Yogart
comes complete with the Yogart making device which is very simple to use. 

The bundle comes with 6 different flavoured yoghurt's
- Apple and Pomegranate 
- Lemon
- Strawberry 
-  Vanilla
- Greek Style
- Natural Bio 
all of which contain live cultures, is 100% natural, vegetarian friendly and gluten free.

When made up each pack makes 1 litre of yummy yoghurt.

As I said above the Yogart maker is very simple to use: 

- Poor a pack into the mixing bowl and add half a litre of  cold water
- Whisk together and add a further half a litre
- Continue to whisk until smooth and place the mix  in the Yogart maker
- switch on the maker and leave for 8 hours. 

After 8 hours hours you get a smooth and scrumptious yoghurt the great 
thing is you can also add fruit such as berries and also muesli to give it a bit of crunch. 

What are your favourite yoghurts? will you ever consider making your own to save money?

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