Amazon Studios Children Critics

Children can be so funny but they are also great critics, if you love the show gogglebox which shows people’s reactions to things that they are watching on tv than you will love and be amused by this advert from Amazon with the launch of their brand new service, Amazon Studios. 
The video features children watching Pilots of Amazons kids show and giving their thoughts and feedback.  The children have plenty of thoughts and opinions and lots of cute laughter and funny comments. I think that it’s great that children got to me involved in this launch. 
Amazon Studios is a new way to watch tv shows and movies, which allows the viewer to choose what they would like to watch, but also have a say on what the shows that Amazon commissions by rating and reviewing them.   There is a wide range of different generes to choose from as well  which are: 
 prime time comedy,  
children and tweens, 

Do You think that Amazon Studios is a good idea?

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