Mobile Madhouse

A couple of weeks ago I got a new mobile and decided that I needed 
a way of protecting my new phone. 
I brought a pouch case for my phone but unfortunately it didn't fit. 
So when I was contacted my Mobile Madhouse to choose one of 
their phone cases I decided this time to go for a gel case. 

The case I chose was a white gel case for the Samsung Galaxy Fame. 
My case also arrived with a screen protector which I was happy to receive
hopefully no scratches on my screen either. 
In the above photo you can see that the protector is a little bubbly but
it doesn't really bother me too much. 

As you can see my phone fits perfectly within the gel case. 
It was very simple to get my phone into the case and I  literally was able to
pop it on in seconds.

I also love that the on the side of the gel case it's got grips on the side
which is a bonus as I have found before I got the case the phone was pretty hard
to get a grip on. I think the case looks smart and definitely will protect my phone 
when I drop it. 

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