Packing for the perfect holiday

This coming weekend for the bank holiday me and Stuart are off to North Wales for the weekend. 
We are spending our time in Wales with my Mum's friend's family as her daughter is turning 18 
and she is having a little party. 

I will be packing a burgundy skater dress which I plan to be wearing for the party in the evening. 
I also am going to pack my leggings and a couple of casual tops for during the day time as I know
a bbq is on the cards. 

Next year we are planning to hopefully go away abroad in the summer time so that we can get some much needed sun. When I have been abroad in the past my favourite outfit is a maxi skirt, a nice top, flip flops and jewellery. I also like to wear cropped trousers and casual tops too but I know that when I do go away next year that I will have to take a maxi dress and a kaftan. 

When it does come to packing I am far from organised I tend to pack last minute and end up forgetting something. This time for the coming weekend I am going to make a list and pack in advance so I know I haven't forgotten anything. 
Because the journey in the car is going to be approx 6 hours and that's not counting any stops, we are going to make sure we take loads of snacks and also a travel pillow in case I need a little nap. 

What is your favourite outfit for when you go away on holiday?

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