The Lake District Co. Quark - Dairy's new "Guilt free" cooking ingrediant

It's no secret that I am on Slimming World, recently quite a few people at my local
Slimming World group have been mentioning using Quark as a substitute for higher calorie
dairy products in cooking and baking. 

I have wanted to see what the fuss was about for awhile now and have been 
sent a tub of each of the 3 of the quark flavours to try: 
- Original 
- Vanilla
- Lemon 

So far me the and the hubby have tried out the Original Quark to make 
a yummy low syn Quark Tikka Masala which was a really yummy treat after I had finished 
work on Saturday evening. 

With its smooth and creamy texture Quark is a spoonable soft cheese that is ideal for blending with other ingredients, as well as substituting into both sweet and savoury meals as a healthy alternative to the likes
of cream cheese, crème fraiche, mascarpone, ricotta, greek yoghurt etc.  

Quark is an award winning ingredient that is packed with nutritional credentials-
high in protein, naturally fat free, low in salt and sugar. In fact if you look on the packaging
you will notice that The Lake District Dairy Co Quark  scores "all green" on its pack GDAs.

Quark adds a smooth and creamy richness to meals without the extra calories and works well
with pasta, fish pie and curry to name a few for main meals. 
For a sweet treat you can use Quark in cheesecakes, Chocolate mouse and Eton Mess.

The Lake District Dairy Co Quark retails at £1.25 for a 250ml pot 

Have you ever tried Quark as a substitute in your meals/baking? 

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