Get a Goodnight's Sleep

Recently I have been struggling to get a good nights sleep, this is mainly due to having
things wiring around in my head and feeling stressed recently. 
Normally I will fall asleep pretty quickly before my husband but sometimes I don't which
then means his snoring bothers me as well. 

I have tried out some products recently to see if any helped me to fall asleep and get 
a good nights shut eye. 

1.Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 
 To be fair I've never really been keen on the idea of pillow sprays but I decided
to give it ago.
 I have two different pillow sprays at the moment the one pictured is by Thisworks and I have found 
the scents to be relaxing but you do need more than just a pillow spray to help you drift off. but it does help
a little. 

2. A lovely bubble bath /oil/bomb I find that having a bath before bed  does work wonders to help me drift
off and there has been more than one occasion where I have fallen asleep in the bath.

3. Breath Right nasal strips 
These are for Stuart to wear to keep snoring at bay they do work 
a little but hubby hates wearing them which is fair enough

4. Bio Ears earplugs
I hate putting these in my ears but they do mute the sound of Stuart's snoring though. 

5. A hot milky drink works wonders at making me chill out and unwind before bed 
I tend to go for a hot chocolate as it's my favourite hot drink. 
when it comes to drinks make sure they don't contain caffeine. 

What do you do to have a better nights sleep? 

Would you like to comment?

Kim Carberry said...

I always find a soak in the bath before bed always helps x

cherie28 said...

I have been struggling to sleep for quite a long time & so i'm yet to find anything that helps :( x

Lynne O'Connor said...

I find keeping a notebook by the bed helps. When things are running through my head I write them down and it lets them go

Kim said...

A warm bath but I wake myself up nasal strips look good

Jo Booth said...

Usually, reading a book does the trick and I only manage a few pages before my eyes are closing. But I like the idea of the pillow sprays, I will look out for some of these :-)

jrandrews72 said...

I am going to try some of those ideas. A Cold room also helps.

Laura Caraher said...

I have trouble sleeping and was recently given a sample of Therapie Himalyan Detox Salts from Cult Beauty which worked, they are expensive but worth every penny as I had the best night sleep every and they should last me a while :)

Sam B said...

I use relaxation techniques when I can't sleep due to being a bit stressed e.g. deep breathing and focusing on breathing, visualising being in a lovely relaxing place like lying on a beach and focusing on how nice it feels to be there. Usually works for me x