15 weeks Pregnant

So this week has been ok yesterday we went to the diabetes clinic which didn't go as planned. 
The hospital on reading my pregnancy notes was a bit surprised that I was here for a two hour 
appointment to talk about foods to eat during pregnancy when you have diabetes since I don't actually have it! 
I was however told that I need to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels in case I get gestational diabetes.
I have been given a blood glucose monitoring system which I have to use four times a day at the moment,
then i am to contact the hospital with my results on Thursday and go from there. 

How far along? 15 weeks today
Total weight gain: As of last Thursday 3.5lb 
Symptoms:  Occasional tiredness and head rushes
Maternity clothes? I've managed to get myself a maternity bra but finding maternity clothes that
fit is proving to be quiet hard when most shops only have a small selection.
Sleep: Been much better this week
Miss anything? I want to eat cake but as I am having to test my glucose 4 times a day atm I can't
Movement: not feeling anything yet
Food cravings: I seem to be going through every flavor of crisps atm
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yesterday I was sick once in the morning I think it was due to the hot weather. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :) although have had a few tearful moments
Looking forward to
- Flat hunting we have a viewing booked for this evening so will be fab to get a place so baby can have there own room. 
- Midwife appointment next week as we get to hear babies heartbeat ( I think) 
- First hospital antenatal appointment 

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