Bump to Baby Journal

For my birthday this year I mainly got vouchers and money from my family. 
I have been quiet sensible though with what I have spent and so far I have only brought myself
some maternity bras, a new pair of comfy shoes and this journal. 

I decided that I am going to be sensible and use the money and vouchers that I am given for
maternity/baby items or for new things needed in the home. 
Same goes for the money I have been saving up since I started my little ad hoc job in February. 

With my voucher from my mother in law and her partner I decided to spend part of it on the Bump to Baby Journal. Although not a necessity I really wanted to be able to do a journal for our baby and possibly do
a box once there born of little items of there's so that they have something to look back on when there older. 

I love that the book is such a neutral color the cream and teal go perfectly together. 
As we don't plan on finding out our baby's gender I think its a perfect color.

Inside the book its very colorful and has loads of space to write things.
The book comes in sections 
- Finding out 
-The first trimester
- The second trimester
- The third trimester
-The birth 
-The first month 
-A few firsts

The finding out section is about how you found, your hopes and fears that kind of thing. 

The trimester sections are about your pregnancy from week 9 to week 40+ 
with suitable questions including cravings, your first scan a bit about me during pregnancy, things
I would love to do before baby is born etc. 

The birth section has questions about your labor when it started, how long for that kind of thing.
It even has 2 pages for on this day questions such as world news, weather, best selling book, price of a few items. 

The first month has pages on what you and baby have been up too during their first few weeks and room for a list of special gifts that baby has been given. 

Last of all is the A few firsts section which has questions like baby's first bath, first outing, movements, bedtime, feeding, Christmas, birthday etc. 

There are so many different pregnancy journal's out there it was hard to choose which one to buy 
but I am really glad that I chose this one as it looks like such fun to fill in. 
I also chose it as it was recommended as a best seller on Amazon.

Did you do a pregnancy journal or do you plan to do one? 

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