24th Birthday

Today is my 24th Birthday, although there are days where I still feel like I'm still 18. 
I am however am far from that 18 year old with so many things happening within the last 
6 years. 

As most of you probably do you look back and wonder how fast time has gone and say the same 
every year. It wasn't until I was 18 that I realised how fast time really does go. 

In the last 6 years I have: 
- Moved out of my parents and my into mine and Stuart's own place
- Got engaged
- Gone through some pretty tough times
- Lived in 4 different places and currently looking for our 5 place
- Got married
- Expecting our first child

That is a pretty lot of things for 6 years. 

Today I am not doing much apart from having a relaxed day. 
Hubby took me out for a meal last night as an early birthday treat and 
my mother in law took me out for coffee and bacon sandwiches this morning. 
This year I mainly got money and vouchers as presents which is great as that means I can treat myself a little.

Hubby did get me a few presents though bless him. 
The Hunger Games Catching Fire on DVD I've wanted for awhile as I have the first film on
DVD and love the books.

Hubby also got me an Orchid which I love and is currently sat on our window sill in the lounge. 
My mother in law also got me some flowers as well (not pictured) 

As for sweet treats I am really not meant to be eating and drinking sweet/sugary items due to 
a check up to see if I have pregnancy diabetes next week. However I have been a little naughty 
and probably will get a slapped wrist from the hospital, but I have had a jam doughnut today and
I got a lovely mini lemon cupcake sat in the fridge waiting for me for later this evening. 

This evening I have an appointment to see our little wiggle bum again and am hoping that 
the hospital will be able to get measurements this time and we get a clearer photo although I am not
keeping my hopes up. 

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