19 weeks pregnant

How far along? 19 weeks today
Total weight gain: 7lb I gained 2lb this week which I believe is down to eating way too
much junk. 
Symptoms: itchy belly, slight pelvic pain, heatburn, tiredness
Maternity clothes? Wearing bits I've borrowed still need to buy some of my own
but the bits I wanted in the next sale were gone by the time I went to order them. 
Sleep: Some nights am ok without the pillow other nights I need it.
The heat is not helping when it comes to trying to sleep either.
Miss anything?  Cocktails, if anyone knows of any mocktail recipes that are suitable
for pregnant women please share. 
Food cravings: Ice lollies
Anything making you queasy or sick:  just the usual
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy although tearful at times
Best Moment this week: enjoying a fab meal for free at pizza express I love blogging
Looking forward to:
 - Anomaly scan 1 more week to go.
- Moving as getting fed up of our current place.
- Going away next month 

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