Summer with Pizza Express Leighton Buzzard

Stuart and I love pizza, so when asked if we wanted to try out Pizza Express' summer menu
we jumped at the chance. 

Sunday was the perfect day for us to go as I love relaxed Sundays with the hubby and also we
had such lovely weather recently too. 

In Leighton Buzzard our local Pizza Express is located on market square at the top of the high street in a two storey building with the ground floor being split into two levels. The building used to be an old working fire station.

When we arrived we were greeted by one of the waiters and were given a choice of sitting on the lower or higher
level of the ground floor. We chose to sit on the upper level near the window. 

We were given a few minutes to decide on what we would like to drink, we had already had an idea of
what food we wanted to order as we had looked at their menu online the day before. 

Drink's wise Stuart chose to go for a regular coke and I chose to go for
some raspberry lemonade.
 Pizza express have a good range of both Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks so you 
will find something that suits your taste. 

For starter Stuart and I chose to go for the sharing portion of dough balls.
The dough balls were warm and soft and very tasty and combined with the dips
(see photo below) made a great starter. 
The dips that come with the dough balls are Pesto, Garlic Butter and N'duja.
N'duja is a type of spicy Italian softened sausage and olive oil.


For our mains we both went for some pizza and Stuart chose to go for the 
Etna pizza which is a thin based pizza with the following toppings:
Hot soft n'duja sausage, roquito peppers, speck ham and Gran Moravia cheese. 


The pizza I chose also was with a thin base and had the following toppings:
Crispy pancetta, roasted tomatoes, rocket, Gran Moravia cheese and Caesar dressing. 

The waiter gave us the chance of having some optional extras such as 
chilli oil, garlic oil, chilli flakes and parmesan and more. 
I love parmesan so I decided to sprinkle some over my pizza. 

We chose to also go for pudding and Stuart went for the Leggera Sorbet
which was raspberry sorbet with mint and a chocolate stick. 


I chose to go for the Vanilla Panna Cotta which is new to the menu.
The panna cotta comes with a strawberry and mint on the side. 

We were impressed with the service the drinks and meals arrived in good time. 
The staff were all very polite and friendly, so we overall we had a lovely experience and highly recommend this restaurant in particular. 

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