Asda Polaroid FM Alarm Clock


Asda always have a great range of products at great prices.
To help bring a musical start to your morning Asda 
are helping you stay tuned in to the latest news and music with 
their range of digital radio's

Asda has a range of styles and colors to choose from meaning you can have the
perfect wake up call. 
Starting from as little as £5 you will be able to find the perfect radio to suit your budget and needs.

I was sent the Polaroid CR01 Clock radio, £10. 
Which has LCD display and is a fab FM radio Alarm clock 
perfect for waking you up in the morning to your favorite radio station.

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  1. Bought one of these for my girlfriend as I was getting annoyed at the defcon 5 buzzer alarm at her place. Ideal as you can set two alarms and select the radio or buzzer (radio) selected, woke up to justin beiber and then the theme from magic mike after a 5 minute snooze. Miles better than thinking we were under attack! £10 = Bargain... looks good too.