25 Week Midwife Appointment

So today was my 25 week appointment with the community midwife.
I have been looking forward to this appointment as it meant I got to listen to little
wiggle bums heartbeat. 

First of all she checked my blood pressure which was normal at 110 over 70.
My urine was then checked for protein which has come back normal Then she felt my
tummy where I was told that baby is in trans position and measuring fine at 25 cm. 

She then listened in for baby's heartbeat which was a struggle due to baby's position but also
as baby kept moving. I was told baby's heartbeat is normal at 147 bpm. 

We then discussed a visit to the hospital for a tour which L&D unfortunately don't do
I was however given a DVD of a tour which me and hubby plan to sit and watch at some 
point over the next few weeks or so. 

I was also given a number to ring so that I can sort out antenatal classes on the NHS ready for November and 
also told about what to do if I am worried about baby's movements. 

I was told if baby doesn't move for awhile to try drinking an ice cold drink and laying on my side
if this doesn't seem to do the trick I have been advised to call the hospital so that I can get checked over. 

I am pleased how this appointment has gone and my next appointments will be at 28 weeks on the 25th September.
 I will see the midwife, have a whooping cough jab and see the Diabetes consultant all in the same day. 

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