25 Weeks Pregnant

So today I had my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) which wasn't too bad. 
I had to not eat from 10pm yesterday evening until after the test which was about
11am today. 
I was fine with not being able to have breakfast as I usual get quiet nauseous
if I eat later than I am use to. 
I think the glucose drink really helped me to hold out. 
 I got my first lot of bloods taken at 9 am and then drank the
orange flavored drink and had to wait 2 hours in the waiting room and then 
at 11 am had another lot of bloods taken. 

If you have to have a GTT I would definitely recommend bringing something to distract you 
for the 2 hour wait. I brought a book with me which was a massive help at
making the time go. 

Yesterday I also managed to get a video on my phone of baby kicking me 
it's so cute as you can see baby's little kicks and movements. 
I wont be sharing the video though as Stuart and I wanted to keep the video for us 
to see only. 

How far along? 
25 weeks today 
Total weight gain
approx 17lbs 
tiredness, leg cramp, loosing balance and heartburn 
Maternity clothes?
 Nothing new
 Waking in the night for loo trips and trying to get comfy also waking with leg
cramp in the mornings now.
Miss anything? 
 Not particularly 
Food cravings
Had a random urge to want to eat cake mix the other day.
I also now have a thing for all butter croissants. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:
  Other than having to skip breakfast today due to having GTT I've been fine
Happy or moody most of the time: Very Emotional
Best Moment this week: We have now ordered a few bits online ready for baby.
Mainly breastfeeding and nappy changing equipment. 
we still need to get the big bits like cot and bedroom furniture t
as well as cloth nappies which is going to be the items of the most expense. 
Looking forward to:
- Tomorrows 25 week midwife appointment

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