Baby Haul #2

Hi everyone, so we finally got around to actually starting to buy more baby bits. 
I have been waiting for most things to arrive before I did this post. 

We have a lot still to buy, but now that we have started buying bits I feel relieved. 
We have also borrowed a few items from my brother in law's family. 
The things we have borrowed which aren't pictured are: 
Moses Basket and Stand 
- Safari Rocker Chair 
- Red mock Bumbo baby chair
- Audio baby monitor 
- Baby sling
- Door bouncer 

So onto what we have brought so far. 

The other day I managed to buy a set of 26 baby vests and 2 sleep-suits for £4 off a lady on a local selling site. 
There are 13 vests in size newborn, 6 in size 0-3 months and 7 in 3-6 months and
the two sleep-suits are size newborn.  

They are a range of brands including George of Asda, F&F of Tesco, Mothercare etc. 

I am a huge fan of Amazon and I love giraffes so when I spotted this 
patch the giraffe changing mat for £9.95 I had to buy it. 
I love that this will suit baby whether they are a boy or a girl 
due to the neutral soft colors. 

 We are planning on using cloth nappies with the occasional use of 
We are yet to buy the actual cloth nappies but we are thinking of going
for Little Blooms in all in one pocket nappies. If anyone has any other affordable brands 
that they use and/or can recommended the info would be great. 
We have however brought a 14 liter nappy pail for just over £5, 
x2 mesh bags for £8.99 for the bucket and some biodegradable nappy liners (100) for £3.95. 
We are also waiting for a wet bag to arrive in the post so I'll share that on my next haul.

Someone I know from Slimming World was selling her electric steriliser and 
bottle warmer for £6. 
I am planning on breastfeeding but I am hoping to express so that Stuart 
can do some night feeds during the week and a few day feeds during the weekend. 
So getting a steriliser and bottle warmer was something we thought would be a great idea.

We chose to get the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Kit for £14.99
from Amazon so that we have some bottles ready for expressing. 
The kit contains: 
- 2 x 260 ml Easi-Vent bottles with slow flow teats
- 2 x 150 ml Easi-Vent bottles with slow flow teats
- 2 x Easi-Vent medium flow teats
- 1 x Bottle brush
- 2 x Anytime 0-6 months soothers
-1 x Instruction leaflet

We also have gone for the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump, £10.99 from Amazon.
I have chosen to go for a manual breast pump over an electric one as even though I plan on expressing
I am hoping to probably do it once or twice a day and no more than that.
The box contains: 
- 1 x Breast pump
- 1 x Easi-vent 150 ml bottle
- 1 x Milk storage pot
- 6 x Disposable breast pads
 - 1 x Microwave steriliser box

Philips AVENT SCF155/06 Washable Breast Pads have been brought as I am hoping it will save me
a lot of money rather than having to constantly buy disposable ones.
These were £5.99 ( also Amazon) 

I have also brought 3x packs of 8 wash cloths £1.99 a pack again from Amazon.

We still have quiet a bit to buy for little one though here is a list of things we still need to get: 

- Wardrobe and chest of drawers for baby's room 
- Toy Storage 
- Cot (mother in law has offered to buy us one) 
- Bed in a bag ( most likely going to wait til little one is here to buy gender specific set) 
- mattresses for both Moses basket and cot
- Sheets and blankets 
- Healthcare kit 
- cloth nappies
- washable wipes and container
- breast milk storage (we unsure atm if going to to do pots or bags) 
- safety bits but they not really needed til little one is here and on the move
- Clothing we need to get more sleepsuits mainly in sizes newborn and 3-6 months for now. 
- Toys and books

I think that is all if there is anything else you think I have missed please let me know :)

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