Elias Super Wipes

I am accident prone recently I am putting this down to being pregnant .
 The last few days I have been spilling food down me which is really annoying
However if you have Elias Super Wipes on hand than you will be able
to get rid of the stain quickly and effectively. 

This handy little pack of wipes is going to be a lifesaver once I am a parent. 
They are small enough to be popped into my changing bag. So when little one
is out and about and manages to get covered in god knows what, I will have these on
hand to make sure that the stain can be removed sooner rather than later so that 
clothing doesn't get spoilt. 

Elias Super Wipes clam the following:

- First aid removal for food and drink stains including wine, fruit juice, baby food and tea/coffee
- A quick and powerful cleaning solution that removes most stains immediately
- Stain removal wipes that fit into your handbag or suit pocket
- The perfect product for parents and professionals for life on the go

So I ended up spilling mushy peas down my top yesterday at dinner so 
I found it the perfect opportunity to test out the Super wipes. 

I gave the stain a rub with the wipes which have the appearance of baby wipes
and was very impressed that the stain seemed to be reduced. 
The stain wasn't completely removed, however was much less noticeable before your able to wash the item. 
Overall the wipes seem pretty good. 
I love that they come in a slim packet so that they can fit in your bag and also that they 
worked well immediately. 

The downside for me is the cost at £2.49 for 5 wipes that is pretty steep in my opinion. 
They also would be more useful in a bigger pack for regular use. 

Elias Superwipes are available here and cost. £2.49 for a pack of 5 wipes (£0.99 P & P)

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