Jo Malone The Big Call

Jo Malone is known for her fragrance range from colognes, bath and body products to fragrances 
for the home. 

I have been a fan of Jo Malone fragrances for awhile and although they are out of my price
range I do try and find a few samples of her perfumes from time to time. 
I am also lucky enough to own one her candles in the fragrance pomegranate Noir.

The video below "The Big Call" is about how Jo Malone started out with her fragrance range.
Her first job at 16 was in a flower shop and she loved being able to go to the market's some mornings.

She is unfortunately horribly dyslexic but she is able to take a color or moment in time and 
turn it into fragrance. The flower shop was able to give her own creative library of fragrances so she formed her business by buying plastic tubs and worked in a tiny kitchen. 
She sold her business due to cancer which she beat after fighting for year and after
wanted to get back into making her own fragrances but she felt so disheartened and nearly 
gave up until a friend gave her a call one day. 

I'll let you see the video to find out what happened but its a lovely story.

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