Nûby™ Newborn Products

When it comes to being a parent you want to find the best products to suit
you and with there being so many brands out there it can be rather confusing.

 Nûby™ was founded back in the 1970's by parent company "love and care"  Nûby™ is  
dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products that are inspired by nature 
and make the lives of babies and parents easier, simpler and more fun! 
The Nûby brand covers feeding, weaning, soothing, play, bath and nursery and boasts patented innovation in all of its categories.

I was sent some products from their newborn range ready for when little pickle
arrives in December. 

First of all I was sent the natural touch breast pads (40 pack), £3.99.
I was sent two packs of these and am looking forward to seeing how well they 
work since I know I will have leaky boobs to look forward to. 
The breast pads are waterproof and breathable as well as thin and discreet and have sticky pads
to hold them in place in my bra. 
I like that the pads are wrapped individually so that I can carry them in my bag.

For baby I was sent Natural flex orthodontic soothers (2 pack), £3.99. 
suitable for babies 0-6 months and available in: 
A) pink and clear
B) blue and clear
C) clear

I chose the clear ones since we don't know little pickles gender. 
We are planning to let our baby have a soother for the first 6 months. 

We also received the teething buddies cow toy, £4.99. 
It's suitable from 0 months and has multiple teething surfaces to aid eruption of new teeth. 
Its also soft, cute and colorful design which I love. 
Nûby™  also do a monkey design as well. 

Last of all we have the Natural touch milk feeding starter set, £6.99. 
The set comes in a bright colorful star design and contains: 

1 x burp cloth that is ultra absorbent which is designed to lock in moisture while 
leaving the mess behind (not on clothing). 

1 x  padded neck milk feeding bib which features a Velcro closure. 

1 x muslin for cleaning and winding which is made from pure and natural cotton. 

I am looking forward to using these products once baby arrives. 

Have you used any of their products? If so what was your favorite? 

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