2014 Goals a review

Every Year I set some goals ready for the year ahead. 
My 2014 list was rather small as I wanted my goals to be achievable. 

But did I stick to any of them? 

Here are the goals I set myself : 

- Find a Job 
- Get to my target weight by April if possible
- Be more organised
- Read more often like I use to
- Bake more 
- Keep Comping
- Be more positive 
- Continue to blog 

Find a job
I got myself a little ad hoc job working in a little shop in town which I love. 

Get to my target weight by April
This didn't happen as I was 1 stone 3lb away from target when I found out I was pregnant. 

Be more organised
In a way this has happened but I could do so much better

Read more often
Yes I have read a lot more books in 2014 than I did in 2013

Bake more
This just hasn't happened

Be more positive
I think I have been but it still needs more work on. 

and last of all

Continue to blog
Yes i defintly have done this and my blog has come so far this year and I hope
2015 is even more better for me blog wise. 

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