38 Weeks Pregnant

Nothing really interesting has happened this week.
We chose not to go to the Christmas light switch on this week as it generally gets packed.
We did however go to the local church crib and craft fair although we didn't buy anything there.

How far along? 38 weeks today 
Symptoms:  Tiredness, still breathlessness when out and about, not had much braxton hicks this week,,  my feet and ankles are still a little swollen and pressure is still there when I walk also suffering from lower back and pelvic pain this week.
Sleep: waking up a loads and then laying there not being able to drop off for ages 
so am napping during the day.
Best moment this week: Ordering a present for baby in case baby arrives before Christmas.
Miss anything? Feeling comfortable
Movement: Loads of wiggles especially when I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Looking forward to: 
- My next midwife appointment tomorrow
- putting up the Christmas tree at the weekend
- wrapping up presents and writing Christmas cards
- meeting our little one soon 

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