Hans Sloane Drinking Chocolate

Happy December everyone, not only is Christmas fast approaching but this month 
I will be having my baby! 

So this month I have scheduled a few posts but plan on taking a little break once
little one decides to make an appearance. 

Today I am telling you about a range of Drinking Chocolate that I have recently come by, Han Sloane.
Hans Sloane drinking chocolate is the only hot chocolate made from pure chocolate beads. 
 Their company mission is to bring the taste of chocolate back to drinking chocolate and their beads melt perfectly in hot milk or water to create a richer chocolate drink. 

Available in 270g packs, Hans Sloane Drinking Chocolate comes in five varieties, including: 
 Smooth Milk
 Rich Dark
 Madagascar 67%
 Ecuador 70%
and their unique flavor Natural Honey.

This Christmas Hans Sloane has created the ideal stocking filler.
Their Christmas bauble which is filled with chocolate beads!
 Simply shake to hear the chocolate beads inside before popping the bauble into a cup and adding hot milk or water.
Priced at just £2 this stocking filler is great treat on Christmas morning. 

I love hot chocolate and have mug almost every night so was thrilled to try a range
I hadn't previously heard of. 

My favorite from the range has to be natural honey followed by the smooth milk flavor.
I love that compared to the usual hot chocolate the Hans Sloane chocolate beads have a more richer chocolaty taste. 

They melt really well too but make sure you stir like you would do with your usual hot chocolate as otherwise you will end up with a lump of chocolate at the bottom of your mug. 

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