What we got for Christmas

I know quite a few bloggers love to read these types of posts so I decided to share with you
this year what I, Stuart and Blake got for Christmas 2014. 

We didn't really ask for anything specific this year from people as we didn't really know what we
wanted. Plus as Blake was due so close to Christmas we were more focused on his arrival 
than on Christmas and gifts.

I'll start off with Stuart's gifts. 
- Micheal McIntyre the complete laughter box from me
- Baylis and Harding set from Blake
- Class of 92 Book and DVD from me 
- Tool set from my mum 
- Amazon Voucher from his Aunt and Uncle
- Ryan Giggs and a history of Football books from his sister as part of the round robin we do. 

He also got some items not pictured: 
- A black shirt from me 
- New Pjs from Blake 
- a cashmere scarf from his aunt and uncle 
- Some beers from a client at work 
- A bottle of prosecco and chocolate's set from work
- Money from my Nan

I also got some fab gifts: 
- Jack Monroe a year in 120 recipes book from Stuart 
- A girl called Jack recipe book from Stuart
- Russel Hobbs Mini chopper from Stuart 
- Champneys set from Stuart's Aunt and Uncle
- Polargear lunch box from Blake
- W7 In The Buff Lightly toasted eye shadow set from Stuart
- Nicky Clarke DesiRED the next generation hair straighteners from my mum. 

Not pictured: 
- Superdrug gift card from my sister
- Cath Kidston print mug from Blake
- Money from my Nan. 
- I am awaiting to see what I got from the family round robin this year.

We were also lucky to get some joint gifts: 
- Red Towel set 
- The Hairy Bikers complete Mum's know best cookbook.
 - Tin of sweet shop favorites 
These were joint presents from Stuart's Mum and her husband. 
We also got a George Foreman 5 person grill from Stuart's Dad which we needed
as our small 2 person one was heading for the bin.  

Onto Blake's gifts: 
- Baby Ocean Tummy Time Play Mat from Stuart's Aunt and Uncle
- Cuddly dog toy from Blake's Granny and Jim (Stuart's Mum and husband) 
- Cuddle toy giraffe from his Auntie Annie (my sister) 
- Cute little booties from Auntie Annie
- Lamaze Freddie the firefly from Mummy and Daddy ;)
- Teddy shape Money box from Mummy and Daddy
- Teddy Rattle from Mummy and Daddy 
- Nuby Teether  from a family member 
- white knitted cardigans x2 from Nanny (my mum) 

He also got: 
- Money from one of Stuart's other uncle's 
- Tesco Voucher from Grandad (Stuart's Dad) 
- Amazon Gift Card from Granny and Jim
- A cute christmas outfit from Auntie Annie 

As you can see we have had an awful lot of presents in our home at the moment 
combined with gifts that were given the previous week when Blake was born we really need to organise things
before Stuart goes back to work in January.

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