Gro Hush

When Blake was born we found it extremely hard to get him to go to sleep in his moses basket at night time. 
I have heard about using white noise to help babies to drop off into a wonderful world of sleep. 

I was contacted by The Gro Company who you most likely have heard of due to their many popular nursery brand products such as their famous Grobag. 
They wanted to send me the Gro Hush for me to try out with Blake which I jumped at the chance to try out
since sleep was becomeing something I hadn't heard of for awhile. 

White noise has been consistently proven to help soothe babies triggering the calming reflex and allowing them to relax by mimicking sounds made inside the womb. This can be done by using items in the home such as the radio, hoover, washing machine and even you can help by making a shh shh sound but that can get tiring after awhile and also its costly running the hoover or having the radio static on constantly. 

The new Gro Hush from sleep experts The Gro Company is the only hand held white noise device that delivers soothing sounds to your baby.

The Gro Hush is simple to use and is ideal for using as part of a calming routine at home or out and about. 
Gro Hush provides calm and reassurance allowing your baby to relax wherever you are. 

The Gro hush includes a handy travel case and washable cover and is powered by 3x AAA batteries which 
are not included. 

To use the Gro Hush hold down any button for a few seconds until they all illuminate.
Once turned on you can choose from the three sounds by pressing the relevant button. 
The three sounds to choose from are:
Mothers Heartbeat 
Rain on a tin roof 
Ocean waves 

Blake seemed to prefer the rain on a tin roof sound over the other two as he quietened down much more quicker.
The Gro Hush volume is preset at a safe and effective volume level of 75 decibels which can only be heard by your baby. 
The Gro Hush automatically turns off after 10 minutes but you can turn it off manually by holding down any of
the buttons until the light goes out. 

Overall I like the idea of how the Gro Hush works and its a useful product to have when you have a baby
that needs help to calm down and relax. 

All of The Gro Company products are available throughout a wide range of some of the world’s leading nursery and fashion retailers, such as Mothercare, John Lewis, Babies R Us and online with Amazon and Kiddicare, to name a few! They also have their own retail website, The Gro Store, which sells their full range of products.

Have you tried the Gro Hush or any of The Gro Company's products? 
If so I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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