January Degustabox

Another month and another Degustabox! 

For those of you not familiar with Degustabox they are a food box subscription service and 
every month they select and send out an exciting range of new and limited edition products from
a range of fab foodie brands.

The box this month has 10 different brands inside with there being a box with a choice of alcohol or  non alcohol options.
But with being a blogger I got to have both so I have 11 wonderful items to tell you about. 

This months Degustabox is called the Healthy Box which I thought was suitable 
as during January most people are wanting to be more healthy etc.

So first of all in the box is Magners Orchard Berries Light Cider. 
Which I am looking forward to trying since I am no longer pregnant so am
able to have a drink. 
This looks as though its going to be a fab Friday night treat.

Next up we have a sample of  Clippers Green and lemon tea as like last months 
one I am going to pass this on as I am not a huge fan of green tea. 

I am looking forward to trying out KoKo Dairy Free Coconut Milk
as I've never tried Coconut milk before and am up for trying something new. 
KoKo Dairy Free contains fewer calories than skimmed milk, 0% cholesterol and is 100% allergen free.

I am glad to see Little Miracles again as I really loved the drinks last time. 
The drinks are a beautiful blend of  organic tea, juice and ginseng. 
With less than 90 calories per bottle with no artificial coloring's this makes a 
fab refreshing pick me up.

Simple Aloe is an all natural, never from concentrate aloe vera drink. 
Blended with fresh grape juice and a squeeze of lemon to create a extremely tasty and
healthy drink.
 I was a bit unsure on what it would taste like but have been impressed. 

Magners Light
Clipper Tea (sample)
Koko Dairy Free £1.39
Little Miracles £1.49 each
Simplee Aloe £1.79 

Next up we have Alfa One Rice Oil  which is nutritionally well balanced and high in natural antioxidants. 
Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is simply one of the healthiest and most  versatile cooking oils making
it perfect for cooking any dish.
I am looking forward to trying this out. 

Next up  Kabuto Noodles are a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavors made
with quality ingredients  and available in 7 different flavors. 

Haywards Piccalilli has delicious chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce great for sandwiches, burgers and BBQ's. 
I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil £2
Kabuto noodles £2
Haywards Piccalilli £1.89

Mornflake top porridge pots are fab and a perfect start to the morning. 
I have really enjoyed these simple to make up porridge pots. 
With  Nutella or golden syrup you can add the right amount of sweetness you need (if you want to).

Mornflake top porridge pots £1.50 each

Finn Crisp original crispbread are low in fat and use only natural ingredients. 
I am looking forward to giving these a try.

Sukrin Cake mix is a low carb "free from" mixture to make up a yummy cake
all you need is egg (if you wish) and other optional ingredients such as coco powder. 

Finn Crisp £1.20
Sukrin Cake Mix £5

This month you can get £3 off the Degustabox when quoting the following code: 

http://bit.ly/DBhomepage - website
http://bit.ly/DBUKfacebook - Facebook
http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter - twitter

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