Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier

When it comes to baby wearing I wanted a carrier in a funky design rather than the plain 
designs most companies do.
I came across Rose and Rebellion and knew that I just had to have one of their designs. 

Rose and Rebellion's seamstresses proudly work to make sure that they produce the highest quality products 
made right here in the UK. 
Through every stage of production from the initial cutting of the cloth to the final closing of a seam, Rose and Rebellion Baby Carriers will have been checked and rechecked to ensure that when it arrives to you it is of the very highest quality.
 There mission is to bring you products that are not only simply beautiful, but also beautifully simple to use.

I chose The Age of Equestrian design as I found it to be a design that is suitable for both boys and girls. 
The baby carries are suitable from 3.5 kg to 20kg and  to be used from 3 months old when your baby should be able to hold their head. I love this cute zebra desgin which makes baby wearing more fun. 

Its reversible to plain black if you would prefer to have it that way, with generously 1 inch padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. There is a integrated sleep hood which gives additional head support and comfort when baby is sleeping.

The other features include:

- Adjustable chest strap that keeps straps safely in place
- Heavy duty buckles featuring patented Slick Click latching mechanism and thoughtful ergonomic design
Three part fully integrated waistband for comfort security and lumbar support
- Versatile strap system to fit varying body shapes.
- Waistband extends to a maximum of 50 inches
-Wide seat base places baby in a more natural and comfortable position
-Tall body gives support from baby through to toddle.
-Lightweight design each carrier weighs only 450grams.

As Blake is not yet old enough or able to hold is head as of yet I have not been able to use
the carrier with him in it. However I have had fun learning how to use this for when the time comes.
Its very simple to use and the product is of very high quality I can see this carrier lasting a long time. 

Once Blake is older and able to use this carrier I'll give you all a little update on how we are getting on. 

What do you think of Rose and Rebellion and their lovely designs? 

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