GumiGem Silicone Teething Necklace

Gumigem sell a range of award winning baby proof mummy jewelry designed to look amazing, but with baby in mind. 
As babies love to grab and pull of jewelry its not good especially as they love to put things in their mouth and you don't want small pieces coming off as well as worrying about that you don't want your best jewelry destroyed.

Gumigem is a UK family based business who produce silicon jewelry aimed to provide Mummy's with stylish accessories that babies can also entertain their hands with. 

The jewelry is made from silicon (like you would find a dummy to be made of) so it is soft and flexible. 
Gumigem can withstand hot temperature so can be easily washed in hot water or placed in your dishwasher. 

When I was told I could choose a necklace from their range I had to go for the Gemini Hepburn design. 
The Gemini necklace's are designed so that they are flat little pebbles. 
They come in a range of colors and I chose the Hepburn design as its a classic black and white which will go
with whatever you are wearing. 
Its great for keeping little hands entertained while baby wearing or when feeding.
Its also great for chomping on to when your little one starts teething. 

Each Gemini necklace is: 

Height of Pebbles -  5cm
Width of pebbles - 3cm at widest
Thickness of pebbles - 6mm at deepest
Long Cord 90cm easily cut cotton to a desired length, with breakaway clasp.

Blake loves playing with this necklace whilst I feed him or when he is having a cuddle with me. 
Its a great distraction for him as he at the stage where he doesn't seem to know what to do with his hands.

I love the classic design and the fab concept of Gumigem. 

If your a Mum do you have a Gumigem necklace? If not its definitely something 
I would recommend if you have little ones around. 

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