How to give up three vices this month

You might think that New Year is the best time to try to quit something, but when it comes to 
unhealthy habits there's really no time like the present.

 There are lots of new methods right now to take on some of the most common vices, and lots of places you can go for help too. Here are three 
examples that you'll feel much better for facing this month.

Using transport instead of walking

The average person in the UK spends around 360 hours a year travelling.
 But while some of those journeys necessarily involve cars, buses and trains, there are also lots of missed opportunities to take a walk.

 This kind of gentle exercise is a great way of improving your overall fitness, and the fact that 
you get fresh air and sunlight means that it helps to improve your mood too.
 Now that spring is on the way, it's definitely a good time to start thinking about whether those 'essential' bus rides are really that essential, or whether you wouldn't be happier taking a stroll down to the shops than driving. If you'd like a modern twist on this fitness process, get yourself a pedometer and measure how many 
calories you burn. 


Smoking is a difficult habit to kick.
 The effects of nicotine addiction mean that it can be a stressful and 
uncomfortable transition from smoker to non smoker.
 However, there are ways to make things easier along the way.
 Obviously nicotine gum and patches are a big help, and some people have suggested 
recently that e-cigarettes are the best way of weaning yourself off harmful tobacco products.
 They give your hands something to do, and supply a dose of nicotine, so giving them a try might be just what you need to help break the smoking cycle. 

Junk food

Another one of those habits that can be really hard to shake is eating junk food.
 A good way to start is to remove the element of temptation - clearing out your cupboards of unhealthy snacks and staying away from the confectionery aisle in the store. 
You could also try alternative healthy snack foods to help reduce your cravings throughout the day, and make the effort to cook some meals from scratch. 
There's a great deal of satisfaction to making your own food as opposed to relying on ready meals, and 
it also helps you to see exactly what's going into your dinner.

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