Blake 4 months

A year ago today both mine and Stuart's lives changed forever when I found out that I was pregnant. 
Today I have a cheeky, happy and healthy 4 month old! 
The time really is going incredibly fast and Blake is growing up way too quickly. 

Last week we booked the church for Blake's Christening for the end of July. 
So we now need to find a place for the after party that is available for the date we have booked. 
Once that is sorted we can have fun planning the rest of it, I have pinned some ideas up on
Pinterest already though. 

Blake is still wearing 3-6 months clothing although I have found that the sleep suits are
getting too small already near his feet!
Luckily his vests, tops, trousers and socks all seem to be fine at the moment. 

Blake has already started teething I spoke to my health visitor about it, as I had noticed that he has started to dribble an awful lot but also has been biting his hands a lot too. 
His gums also feel harder and he has been irritable and is having other symptoms which made me think this was the case. 
I have started giving him calpol every now and then when I think he needs it. 

I also make sure that I have his Sophie la Giraffe nearby or his Nuby keys teether which I 
keep in the fridge. 
I have yet to try him with anything else but I do have some teething gel ready and considering using an 
amber necklace or bracelet. 
I'd love to know your thoughts on using amber for teething. 

He is still sleeping well, we have started to put him to bed more earlier too meaning he wakes
up earlier. This  isn't too much of a problem as the earliest he has woken up has been 6:30am but on 
average its normally 7am.  
I am not keeping my hopes up with sleep to be honest as he is starting to get too big for his 
moses basket and will have to move into his cot in his own room soon. 
I have a feeling this is going to mean less sleep and also some getting use to for him (and me) 
with him being in his own room. 
Any tips on moving him would be muchly appreciated. 

I had to start giving him 210ml of Milk earlier than four months as he was still hungry after feeds and
I was giving him more feeds than he would normally have. 
So he is now having 210 ml every 3 hours during the day of the cow and gate for hungrier babies formula.

I have also now started to look into weaning and have been trying to decide whether to go the traditional purees
route starting him at 5 months so that by the time he is 6 months he can go onto finger foods or go straight and do baby led weaning at 6 months. 


- He loves laughing out loud and squealing with delight.
- he is able to grasp his toys and has been doing so for awhile now. 
- He knows mummy and daddy's voices and turns in the direction of our voices. 
- He is also able to bear some weight on his legs and likes to stand up on our legs
when we are sat holding him. 
- He is able to lift his head and shoulders up using his arms for support when placed on his tummy. 
- He is also able to roll over one way


- He has started to have favourite toys and prefers to play with some more than others.
- In disposable nappies he has now moved onto size 3.
- He is very chatty making cute cooing sounds
- We have started baby massage classes as of Monday and he loves it! 
- He has started to like baths now, we made the temperature a little warmer and
now he loves it! 
- He loves sitting up so in the last week we have tried him out in a bumbo seat, which
he loves to be in but only for a short time as he prefers to be in the bouncer. 

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